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Deep in the Heart of Dallas, Texas.

Carrying forward a time-honored tradition, Three R's Barbecue is an authentic eating experience. Smoked "Low 'N' Slow" in Dallas, Texas, straight from our smokers to you by

Three R's Pitmaster, Rich Rosner.

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Taste The Three R's Difference.

The Three R's Barbecue Difference is in our house-made rubs, quality meats, low and slow smoking over pecan and oak making our smoked meats taste amazing. Our mission is simple; "Serve BBQ to die for."

Try Our Famous Specialties.

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After trying our Spatchcock Chicken and Chicken "Lollipops," we bet you’ll be clucking for more!

Click to see our full menu.


It’s Happy Hour!

Some consider ”Happy Hour” sipping on a cold brew. At Three R’s, our version of Happy Hour is sitting down to eat an amazing meal of BBQ with friends and family. Click below to view our menu and place your order. 

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Keep a lookout for Three R's full-service pop-up trailer. We will announce when and where we will be parked on social media so you can pop in at our pop-up and join us to sample Texas' best BBQ!

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Three R's Apparel...

Get Some!

Check out our "Three R's Apparel." Click below to view our cool tee-shirts and caps and place your order!

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